How Often Do You Have To Trim Your Trees?

Trees are essential for the environment. They greatly contribute to the production of oxygen and lowering carbon dioxide levels. Trees also provide shade and and keep their surrounding area cool. But if you want your trees to look beautiful and healthy, you should trim them regularly.

Nature has its way of trimming the tree branches. You can see trees thriving in forests and mountains without anybody trimming but the process of growth and health quality may be low. You can do the trimming. But how often should we trim trees? What is the best time to trim and what happens if we trim the trees too much? Here are the answers to that.

Trimming the tree might vary to type of tree

There are a variety of trees and each has specific care. You can look over the internet or download a guide for different variety of trees. If you have sufficient knowledge about trees, that would be a great advantage.

Trimming a tree would depend on the tree’s age

Knowing the age of the tree is essential for tree trimming. Younger trees can be trimmed every two to three years, depending on the type of tree. When the trees get mature, you can trim them every three to five years. Just continue checking your trees in these particular years. If you have evergreen trees, they do well without trimming for years. So you don’t have to worry about trimming them.

Fruit-bearing trees must be trimmed every year

If you are growing trees that bear fruits, you should trim them once a year to help them become more productive. This will help them produce a better quality of larger fruits. But remember that it all depends on which type of fruit-bearing tree you are trimming.

How many portions of the tree should we cut?

You should remember that tree trimming must be done properly not exceeding 30 percent of the tree’s branches and parts. Over-cutting the trees can make the tree grow weak because they don’t have a sufficient amount of leaves to make their food. Also, if the tree is weak, pests and diseases can get in, causing too much damage to the tree.

Cutting the tree must be precise not. Poorly made cuts are one of the major causes of pest infestation and diseases because this is where they can enter. Therefore, trimming requires perfect timing and skill. Properly trimmed trees would increase the growth and strength of their roots, making them healthier and productive.